Dignity and the Credit Union Movement


Dignity and the Credit Union Movement


If I had to choose one thing that sets credit unions, and more specifically LincOne, apart from other financial institutions, it would be the treatment of our members. Many of us are familiar with the following scenario:

  • You need a service and choose a particular business to patronize, only to be given the impression that you are the last person they want to see.
    • Perhaps the individual with whom you’re working with seems preoccupied with other concerns.
    • Or constantly talking past you without listening to your own concerns and needs.
    • Perhaps you’re made to feel disposable, just another box to check in the daily duties of the person whose services you’re trying to obtain.
    • Perhaps you don’t get any of those impressions, but are left with a sneaking suspicion that, to them, you don’t matter.

Many of these are especially true of large, multinational institutions, who often have high turnover rates and whose workers are compensated far below their worth. At LincOne, you can rest assured that being made to feel disposable or unimportant will never be a concern.

Before I joined LincOne’s work family, I was a longtime member of the credit union. No matter how much money I had (or didn’t have) in my account, or where I was in my life’s journey, I was always made to feel valued and treated with dignity, kindness, and respect. Whether you are a long-time member or are just beginning to consider joining the credit union, you can be certain that you will be made to feel the same way. This, of course, extends to our mortgage program as well.

Whether you’re a couple looking to refinance your current home, a first-time homebuyer who’s just looking to get answers to the fundamental questions of homeownership, or a family exploring a move to Lincoln, LincOne will always be ready, willing, and able to help you every step of the way, in any way we can.


My contact information:

Phone: 402-441-3541

Email: mcurry@linconefcu.org

Mail: 2500 N St, Lincoln NE 68510

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