The Scam that Keeps on Giving - Gift Card Scams


Gift Card Scam Blog Photo Gift card scams are here, and unfortunately here to stay. 


The purpose of gift cards is within their name - gifts. Gift cards are not used for payments. Scammers use gift cards frequently because they are an easy and quick method to scam members. Below are a couple of tips to tell when a caller is attempting to pull a gift card scam:


1. The caller requesting a gift card claims they are from LincOne or another financial institution. We will NEVER call and request a gift card from you. If you receive a call that sounds suspicious to you. Write down the details of the call, hang up, and call us at 402.441.3555.

2. The caller sounds desperate or anxious. The caller will request actions with urgency. The callers will add pressure to taking these actions quickly. If this occurs, take a deep breath and take a second to think clearly. If your caller is anxious, this is a sure sign to stop the call because it is a scam. 

3. The caller will provide who to purchase a gift card from. The caller may request that you purchase a gift card from Amazon, iTunes, Target, and more. They may ask for one store or may ask for multiple. The caller will stay on the line to make sure you go to the store and loan the money. If this occurs, stop the call immediately because it is a scam. 

If possible, block the number that was called, and reach out to us immediately if you are ever in a situation that resembles any of the examples above. If you have any questions please reach out to us at or give us a call at 402.441.3555. Thank you for being a member/owner of LincOne Federal Credit Union! 



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