Churning Dreams Into Reality - Hipolito Martinez and Neveria Ice Cream World



In the heart of Lancaster lies a vibrant community hub known as Neveria Ice Cream World, owned by the esteemed Hipolito Martinez. Martinez, a proud advocate for diversity and inclusivity, cherishes the variety of people and ethnicities that frequent his establishment.

However, Neveria Ice Cream World wasn't just born out of Martinez's passion for frozen treats; it was also a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit. In a recent interview, Martinez shared his journey of turning his dream into reality and the pivotal role LincOne Credit Union played in making it happen.

Struggling to secure a loan from traditional banks, Martinez found himself at a crossroads. It wasn't until a friend recommended LincOne Credit Union that he found the financial support he needed. Within two days of applying, Martinez received approval, and within a week, he had the funds necessary to kickstart his business. The low payments and the assurance that he wouldn't face rejection again provided him with much-needed peace of mind.

Martinez speaks highly of LincOne, emphasizing their accessibility, friendly demeanor, and local ownership. He extends a warm invitation to anyone in need of financial assistance or interested in opening an account, highlighting the inclusive nature of credit unions.

As for Neveria Ice Cream World, it's not just your average ice cream parlor. With a commitment to quality and authenticity, Martinez prides himself on offering homemade ice cream made from natural fruits. In addition to its signature treats, Neveria Ice Cream World is expanding its offerings to include hot food options, with plans to introduce burritos, cold lunches, and buffet setups in the near future. Located conveniently at 2365 O Street, Ice Cream World stands as a beacon of culinary delight for all who pass by, beckoning with its enticing array of flavors and warm hospitality.

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