"Why" LincOne? Hear it from our Work Family...

"The personal interaction with our members, the wonderful people that make up our work family and the ability to make a difference in our members’ lives”
"I am so proud to work at LincOne! They take care of employees on both a personal and professional level, and our members are the greatest"
"I enjoy working at LincOne because I know that leadership and my co-workers truly respect and care about each other. The benefits are also a huge perk!”
"I enjoy working at LincOne because I get to work with some really great people, who care deeply about their community”
"I enjoy working for LincOne so much because of the culture. Everyone gets along so well, and it feels like a family atmosphere"
"The whole time I've been here has been one of the best jobs I have had, we get a good amount of PTO and the flexibility is amazing"

open your eyes staff photo

If you want to join our Work Family and begin making a difference in our community, please contact;

Nate Brock
Chief Human Resources Officer
2500 N Street, Lincoln, NE 68510
(402) 417-7685
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