Jared Fredrickson - Homegrown Highlight


Jared Frederickson, the dedicated Captain of Lincoln Fire and Rescue at Station 12, and a valued member of Nebraska Task Force One, has always had a profound admiration for those in community service. His journey began in the second grade when he took a memorable tour of Station One. As he gazed upon the array of tools and equipment, a spark ignited within him. Jared knew that he wanted a career that was both unique and meaningful—something that not everyone had the privilege of experiencing.

"Seeing all the tools and equipment was neat, and I knew I wanted to have a career in a job that was kind of unique," Jared recalls.

This initial fascination with the world of first responders led Jared down the path to his current role. To him, serving the public is not just a job; it's an honor. The importance of Lancaster County in his life cannot be overstated. With seven family members and a network of friends and partners residing in the community, his ties to the area run deep.

As a union member with Local 644, Jared and his colleagues are deeply committed to community outreach. They understand the significance of giving back and building strong relationships with the people they serve. Operation Warm, a program focused on providing coats to children in need within the community, exemplifies their dedication to making a difference.

"We think it's really important to give back to the community," Jared says, emphasizing the importance of these initiatives in strengthening community bonds.

Jared's journey with community involvement and support extends beyond his career as a firefighter and rescuer. It also includes his long-standing relationship with LincOne Federal Credit Union, which has played a vital role in his financial life for over 27 years. According to Jared, being a member of LincOne offers several key advantages.

"One big advantage of being a member at a credit union is it keeps your money local, which is really important," he notes. "Members are actually the owners, and they're the ones in control. 

Unlike traditional banks with shareholders who prioritize their interests, credit unions are member-owned institutions. This unique ownership structure ensures that decisions are made with the members' best interests at heart. Jared appreciates the personalized service and convenience he experiences at his credit union, especially when seeking financing for vehicles.

"When I'm trying to find financing for a vehicle, they make it convenient, easy, and fast," Jared affirms.

Jared's unwavering support for his credit union is a testament to the positive experiences he has had over the years. Whether he walks into the branch or uses the drive-thru service, the staff knows him by name and goes the extra mile to understand his needs.

Jared wholeheartedly encourages others to join LincOne, emphasizing the importance of becoming an owner and enjoying the exceptional customer service and community-oriented values they offer.

As Captain Jared Frederickson continues to serve his community with dedication and passion, he reminds us that community service is not just a profession but a way of life—a way that encompasses both his heroic role as a firefighter and his commitment to supporting the community through his credit union membership. His lifelong journey of service and community support is an inspiration to all.

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