Karl Hinkley & Nowear BMX: Riding for Positive Growth in the Lancaster County Community 

Karl Hinkley & Nowear BMX: Riding for Positive Growth in the Lancaster County Community 


We’re excited to share our first Homegrown Highlight, Karl Hinkley, also known as Crazy Karl. Karl runs the Nowear Compound, a nonprofit, free indoor training park where all wheels are allowed. Karl is also the proud owner of Nowear BMX, a manufacturing company of BMX items such as handlebars and frames. All of the parts created are made in the USA, with the majority of parts created in Nebraska. That's not all, Karl also runs a bicycle stunt team that performs at various events, including state fairs, schools, and churches. Karl’s mission? His goal is to positively impact the community, particularly among kids through his passion for BMX, with a goal of a brighter future.

                Born and raised in Nebraska, Karl understands the value of supporting local endeavors and working with the youth in the Lancaster community. In addition to free BMX training and BMX events at the Nowear Compound, Karl and his team have brought BMX Freestyle to the Cornhusker State Games, and he plans on continuing to do so for years to come, 2023 will be his sixth consecutive year, hosting BMX freestyle events during the month of July.

                Throughout Karl’s journey he has forged a longstanding partnership with LincOne Federal Credit Union. With nearly 20 years of collaboration, Karl has nothing but praise with his experience. Having dealt with other traditional financial institutions in the past, he emphasized the difference being how credit unions made sure to have a strong connection and relationship with him as a member of LincOne. Karl has enthusiastically recommended LincOne to his friends and family, highlighting the advantages of being part of a member-owned credit union.

                Mental illness holds personal significance for Karl, as he has struggled with it himself. Tragically, he has also lost friends to the battle. Determined to make a positive impact, Karl’s non-profit organization focuses on providing kids with a safe and inclusive space to foster a sense of belonging. By offering a judgment-free environment and engaging them in BMX and other activities, Karl aims to combat the effects of mental illness and create a supportive community for young individuals. Karl is the perfect example of a Homegrown Highlight, his deep-rooted passion for helping others has become the driving force behind his efforts to tackle prevalent issues such as drug use, ensuring a brighter and healthier future for the community he calls home.

                Karl Hinkley, AKA Crazy Karl, is an exemplary figure in the local Lancaster County community, using his love for BMX to make a positive difference in the lives of young people. From running a bike shop and stunt team to manufacturing BMX parts in Nebraska, Karl’s commitment to supporting local initiatives is unwavering. Through his multiple initiatives, he continues to inspire and uplift those around him. With his Nowear Compound non-profit organization’s focus on addressing mental health challenges, Karl is creating a space for positive growth and fostering a stronger more vibrant community. For more information on the Nowear Compound and Nowear BMX, please visit their site here.

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