Credit and Debit Card Fraud: Protecting Your Plastic


Credit and debit card fraud is a prevalent issue, but there are steps you can take to minimize the risk of falling victim to it. Here's how to secure your card information:

1. Use Secure ATMs and POS Terminals: When using ATMs and point-of-sale terminals, make sure they look legitimate and are free from any suspicious devices or attachments. Cover the keypad when entering your PIN to prevent anyone from spying.

2. Check Your Card Statements: Regularly review your credit and debit card statements for unauthorized transactions. The sooner you report fraudulent charges, the quicker your bank can resolve the issue.

3. Protect Your Card Information: Never share your card information with anyone unless you initiated the transaction. Be cautious of phishing emails or phone calls asking for card details, and never send this information via insecure channels.

4. Add Your LincOne Debit and Credit Cards to Your Mobile Wallet: Convenience meets security. No bank account numbers are transmitted when making an online payment or a tap-to-pay payment in retail stores with your mobile wallet. Any sensitive data is replaced with a randomly generated string of numbers, this process is known as tokenization. LincOne Debit and Credit Cards are mobile wallet-friendly for Apple, Samsung, and Google Phones. Find out how to add your cards to your mobile wallet here.



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